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Federal Student Loan Changes

The fate of interest rates on federal student loans has been in limbo for nearly a month. Well, Congress has come up with a fix that deal will save students money in the short term but could end up costing them more. Find out how. Continue reading

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Saving Secrets: School Supplies

Find out which retailers offer the best back-to-school deals…plus a five key Shop Smart tips. Continue reading

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Rising Mortgage Rates

Rates are on the rise. Should you rush to buy that new home now? Continue reading

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6 Tips to Better Haggling

A new study by Consumer Reports finds that nine out of 10 Americans who haggle save money. In fact, one particular negotiation can save an average of $80. Continue reading

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Negotiating Salary: Men vs. Women

Our country’s regrettable wage gap between men and women is accompanied by a gap in how we negotiate our salaries. The reality is, women are less likely to negotiate. Continue reading

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