Would You Cancel Cable?

With cable companies battling it out with major networks, and prices rising all the while, customers are considering forgoing cable TV altogether.

According to a recent report from Macquarie Capital, the price for popular packages from cable companies just keeps going up. “Triple-play” service – cable, phone and internet – has jumped in price about 6.3% every year for the past three years. To put it in terms you can feel, the average bill for the three services has increased by nearly $50 since 2010, coming to an average total of nearly $270 per month.

A big reason for the rising cost of cable is the business behind it. Most recently, that business has been illustrated in a the battle between CBS and cable giant Time Warner. Some may not know, but cable companies pay to carry a network and its programs. That cost and its rise is passed on to cable customers. Recently, when CBS attempted to raise it’s cost in negotiations with Time Warner, the cable company refused – leading to the current blackout of CBS through Time Warner systems with no end in sight.

Macquarie asked consumers which service – cable, internet or phone –  would they cut first to save money. More than three-fourths said their cable TV service – and understandably so. It’s the service that varies most in price and there are so many other options.

Shop Around for Cable Providers

One obvious way to save on your cable bill is to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Prices vary widely by providers and based in services. Comparing cost can be a lot of work. To help, WhiteFence.com searches your address to find all of the providers in your area and offers side-by-side comparisons for their deals – along with information about current promotions.

Negotiate With Your Cable Company

If you can’t see your life without TV, it’s effective to negotiate with your cable company. Armed with information on what’s available in the market, give your provider a call. Ask about promotions and other ways to save. It even works to threaten to cancel your service or some features if your bill isn’t reduced. You could bring your bill down by about $10 to $20 or talk yourself into some free channels.

Cut the Cord 

It’s been shown that the number of pay-TV subscribers is declining. If, like me, you watch most of your programming from your computer, it might be smart to cancel your cable subscription. Instead consider an Apple TV unit. The device costs $99 and uses wi-fi to turn your TV into a media player. Apple TV works with Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and other subscription services to play all the media you need right on your TV.

Photo Courtesy, Alyssa & Colin.

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